What are the following 5 ways to Happy life?

Various factors determine our happiness, including external factors beyond our control.

Happiness is a different cause for every human being, including genetics 50%, including our physical health and income level - 10 - 20%, according to a study. In other words, some people feel happier than others.

 If you too want happiness then follow the following 5 ways Happiness is for sure.

 1. Do Something Active

  • One study found that exercise and physical activity were one of the best ways to increase happiness.
  • Calming hormones for changes caused by exercise and physical activity also calm the body and mind. This eliminates depression and leads to rejuvenation which can have a positive long-term impact.

 2. Do Something New

  • Repeatedly doing only what we like or want is the biggest obstacle to increase happiness. Even if these are good things it does not increase happiness on a large scale.
  • So, instead of doing the same thing over and over again, try doing different things differently. May your happiness.

 3. Do Something For Someone Else

  • The best way to increase your happiness is to help make others happy. When you spend more money on others than on yourself, it has been found in research to increase happiness.
  • So, you can donate to a good cause to increase your happiness or make the best gift for a friend’s birthday.

 4. Do Something Enjoyable

  • Enjoying positive activities with full engagement will be the main basis for your happiness.
  • When engaging in good deeds, one should pay full attention to it and taste that experience. On the contrary, you can never have that happiness without distracting yourself when things happen.

 5. Do Nothing At All

  • In fact big wins don’t give us as much joy as we expect. This leads to frustration and sadness. Sometimes, we feel great happiness only in moments when we do not expect anything great, in ordinary moments when we do not want anything.
  • Therefore, making each moment more meaningful than expected can feel like increasing happiness.

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