Happiness is just a journey not a destiny

Pursuit of Happiness

Good news in the tough time
Food in the gruesome poverty

Vehement verdict in the menacing mission
Sweet taste of the mediocre success
Bitter taste of the prolific failure

Happiness is a Mood, Positivity is a Mindset

The Dying down of the controversies.

An Epiphany to deal with humans
Hysteria in individuality.

The Possibility of conjuring an ancestor
Whether these events borrow your sorrow
Rather lend you the pursuit of happiness.

That's an absolute false!

Happiness is never from over-capacity
It is from authenticity-even though

Many intangible queries arise as
Don't even know, what is happiness?
Don't even know, to whom it is for?

To get rid of all these ignorance's

Stop compromising others
Start promising yourself

Raise the voice of your choice
Choose to be a posy rather being noisy

Slay the stay -which did
Underrate your yesterday
Though your past is vast

Yet your future is a conjecture
Get your teeth into the present
Don't measure its pleasure

Never think it will go
Just grow with the flow

Humans and happiness seem like alliteration
They never possess interconnection

It is found in ones within
Scarcely shared in-between

It's not the state of feeling
It's rather a habit of living

There is nothing more than to mind

Happiness is just a journey not a destination..
                                 N. KEERTIKA

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